A surgery course tailored around your needs!

A surgery course tailored around your needs!

How We Do It

Our highly skilled vets have adapted and improved surgical techniques such as "keyhole incision" and "flank spay, which are less invasive allowing for a quicker recovery. These techniques allow the vets to perform many surgeries quickly, safely and following highest pre- and post-surgery standards.

Why We Train

Romania and Bulgaria are two of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe. Veterinary services are virtually non-existent in rural areas and properly trained specialists are hard to come by. As a consequence, many pet owners never spay/neuter their cats and dogs, preferring to discard the unwanted litters on the streets thus contributing to an ever-increasing stray population.

Our Progress

Our priority has and remains spaying. From 2004, we have spayed/neutered over 121,802 dogs/cats, translating into millions of unwanted puppies and kittens saved from a miserable existence on the streets. Spaying/neutering also improves and prolongs the lives of adult dogs/cats by preventing certain forms of cancer, infections and birth complications.


Vet Training Camp

At Veterinary Training Camp, we are dedicated to advancing the skills and knowledge of veterinary professionals like you. Our mission is to provide top-tier training in spaying and neutering techniques for dogs and cats, empowering you to make a positive impact on animal welfare.

Why Choose Veterinary Training Camp?

  • Expert Instructors: Our experienced and certified instructors are leaders in the field, bringing a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise to our training programs.
  • Cutting-Edge Techniques: Stay at the forefront of veterinary medicine with our innovative and effective spaying and neutering techniques, designed to optimize patient outcomes and minimize risks.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our courses cover a wide range of topics, from surgical procedures to anesthesia management and post-operative care, ensuring you are well-prepared for every aspect of spaying and neutering.
  • Hands-On Training: Practice your skills in a supportive and controlled environment, gaining confidence and proficiency through practical experience.
  • Certification: Earn a valuable certification upon successful completion of our training, enhancing your professional credentials and opening doors to career opportunities.




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